The new trail winds through gentle hills accented with erratic boulders and shady depressions left by melting ice of the last glacier.
Trail blazers return to camp after completing marking the new trail

Kitchen volunteers dressed warmly for early morning freezing temperatures.
The Mobile Skills trailers hold tools for workers to construct and maintain trail.
2016%20Mobile%20(5).jpg 2016%20Mobile%20(6).jpg
A marker sign points to the Mobile Skills project in Harman Creek State Park.
Newly constructed trail tread--the super highway of the wilderness.
2016%20Mobile%20(7).jpg 2016%20Mobile%20(8).jpg
Kitchen crew meets to plan breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Debbie Krogwold,            Julie Schneider
Many hands make for rapid trail construction.

Greeters await volunteers who will check in and be assigned a trail section to work on. Sheri Montag, Carol Farber, Dave Farber.
Hand tools wielded by intrepid craftspeople create a truly "magnificent mile" (and a half)