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download HIKING MAP (revised 7/20/18)

Waupaca River, Hartman Creek and Emmons Creek

Trail Segment Maintained by Status/Date/Maintenance (2018 season)

Windfeldt Lane to South Park Boundary

Jeff Pepp/Phil Peterson
May 12 - GOOD - Trees removed from trail; trail checked to Emmons Creek Road

End of Park Property to Emmons Creek Road (3161 feet)
Mark Balhorn/Julie Schneider
July 7 - Trail mowed and brambles trimmed to Stratton Lake Road

June 1 - Trail mowed by Mark

May 13 - GOOD - Trail cleared of downed trees and debris

Emmons Creek Road to Stratton Lake Rd (4290 feet) Mark Balhorn/Julie Schneider/Travis Hughes/Ron Harris
July 7 - Julie and Mark mowed trail and trimmed brambles to Stratton Lake Road

June 22 - GOOD - Access and parking area mowed by Hughes

June 1 - GOOD - Trail mowed by Mark

May 30 - GOOD - Trail checked and access trail mowed by Hughes

May 13 -  GOOD - Trail check by Julie and Mark
January  -- GOOD -- Trail check by Hughes
Stratton Lake Road to Faraway Valley Loop (12,439 feet)
Mary Jacobson/Jean Klein
May 9 -- Note from Tammy - Two trees blocking trail from Hartman Park to Group Camp to Faraway Loop (within Park property)
September 22 (2017)-  Trail  OK -  5 hours maintenance

Boardwalk near Emmons Creek very slippery when wet
Faraway Valley Loop on the north to Second Ave. on the south side (4495 feet)
Jean Klein/Mary Jacobson
September 22 (2017) -  Trail  OK -  5 hours maintenance;
Boardwalk near Emmons Creek very slippery when wet

Second Avenue to Murry Creek

Lillian and Joseph Paul

July 17 - Excellent.  Trail cleared of overgrowth and remnants of logging operations.

July 7 - Trail overgrown as reported by hikers.

May 14 - GOOD -- New signs still intact; trail wide where logging was done

November 6 (2017)  - GOOD - IAT trianglular plaque has been taken; Murry Creek sign has been shot in front.  New plaques to be installed with vandal-thwarting mounting hardware.

October 6 (2017) - GOOD - 27 Trees removed from trail; contrator's damage to trail repaired (assisted by Marty)

download HIKING MAP (revised 7/20/18)

Skunk and Foster Lakes and New Hope-Iola Ski Hill

(Trail from Hwy 10 to Grenlie Road closed by the landowner as of 12/13/15)

Notice to IAT Thru-Hikers: The Waupaca River Segment no longer has a road-to-road connection.  At this time, Foley Rd. south of Hwy 10 is closed and cannot be accessed either by vehicle or foot traffic.  Please use the following re-route:
From the south hiking north: Cobbtown Rd. east to Morgan Rd. north (across Hwy 10) to Rieben Rd. west to Foley Rd. north.
From the north hiking south: Foley Rd. south to Rieben Rd. east to Morgan Rd. south (across Hwy 10) to Cobbtown Rd. west.
Questions regarding this re-route can be directed to Debbie Krogwold, Waupaca County Chapter-715-677-4974

Trail Segment
Maintained by
"Z" to Krogwold; mowing into Brooks Woods
Gary Weier, Tammy Hunter, Jeff Pepp 

May 9 -- Passable - Small trees down over first wooden bridge heading west from T and another down in the gully by Severson Lake

March 31 - GOOD -- hiked and checked trail. Picked off branches and debris.

" T " to Krogwold Rd
Tim Kolbeck, Sharon Fox, Mark Huglen

October 4 (2017) - GOOD - trees removed; mowed trail and parking area (report from Mark)

T" to Iola Ski Hill
Paul Klein
Iola Ski Hill Property
Phil Johnsrud
CTY "Z" to Sunset Lake Road and parking area off "Z"
George Guyant/Bob and Mark Ellingson
 Ocober 4 (2017) (from Mark Huglen) GOOD - Sunset Lake Road to Z clear; parking areas mowed east side of Sunset Lake Road & trailhead north side of Z


A new ATLAS AND TRAIL COMPANION are available from the Ice Age Trail Alliance

Portage County Chapter Coordinator
Julie Schneider

Waupaca County Chapter Coordinator
Debbie Krogwold

Trail Maintenance Director
Marty Wacker