North Central Regional Postcard Project

2003-2004 Portage County IAT Chapter


   This postcard project was initiated in July 2003 by our chapter; Jean Potter was present and then wrote a letter to all chapters within her NC Region encouraging them to participate in this project.  Char Pingel, graphic designer, was also present and suggested how we approach the project.  Emails and more correspondence began more frequently after the first of year in 2004.  Chapters who participated in this project included the Heritage, Waupaca, Portage, Marathon, and Langlade; we asked each county to submit 5 photos with a description and the photographer’s name for each photo.  When we met with Worzallas, a local printing industry, it was suggested we add a general card.  Our graphic designer, Char Pingel, picked one photo from each chapter.  Pingel and Freckmann met at least 7 times for brunch; Potter met with us on one of these occasions.  Pingel met with Worzallas twice herself, she designed the general card, cropped all the photos, had the photos digitized, cut the photos in a CD, and delivered the photos to Worzallas.  Worzallas called April 6th stating the postcards were done; we picked them up on April 7th. We made arrangements with our RSVP to put the postcards in packets of 6 different postcards on April 13th.  The postcards were delivered to chapters at the IAP&T Fdn. meeting on April 15-18.  We were able to use all the chapters’ suggestions and comments. We also thank the NPS and IAP&T Fdn. for allowing their logos on the general card.  We thank everyone involved with the completion of this project and thank especially Char Pingel and Worzallas for donating much of their time and printing more postcards for the same amount of money agreed upon.